Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

About the company

Established in 28-08-2010, In the Name of Aericon Infratech Pvt. Ltd. we are engaged in the Engineering & Construction project work since last 2010 through development and maintenance of Infrastructure, Building (Residential & Commercial), Electrical work, Fabrication and Erection of Heavy Structure, Pressure vessel, Heat Exchanger, Installation of Telecom Tower, Base Transmission Systems and Commissioning, Trading of solar energy products and installation and commissioning.

During these years, we have worked in diverse geographical conditions as Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Bihar.

Throughout changing business cycle we registered a new company namely, Aericon Industries Inc. introduce our New work during 2014 in the field of Solar & Renewable Energy and We offers custom-made, modular consultation, planning and implementation services towards Solar PV Plant like Consulting, Engineering, Procurement & Purchasing, Project Management & Construction, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance and trading of Solar Products in remote area of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh.

In the year of March/2015 we closed the Company Aericon Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Due to some technical problem and continue work on Aericon Industries Inc.


We proudly extend a hand of partnership in providing you with what you need in all mechanical aspects including all types of fabrication and erection of structural, piping, civil infrastructure and electrical service needs. You can have confidence in our experience, which stretches beyond six years collectively.


Is to convert the potential of solar energy into reality. To accelerate the adoption of Solar power across different domain and group to conserve our environment and provide and environment friendly sustainable and conflict free power supply. Leaving a mark across various segment of EPC, consulting R&D and E-Commerce.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

Aericon Industries Inc. endures by building relationships, keeping promises and delivering A-class developments, other services and products. Aericon Industries Inc. has earned the confidence and respect of a strong portfolio of nationally and internationally recognized clients throughout India, and many more Multinational companies from China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc.

Further we converted Aericon Industries Inc. (Proprietorship Company) to Limited Liabilities Partnership company Namely Aericon Industries LLP on 02/01/2020 for further continue the work.

Aericon Industries LLP. has a comprehensive Quality systems manual, which defines all key work processes to ensure strict adherence to specification requirement sate very stage in the completion of a contract. This encompasses project management, procurement, testing and commissioning services. Every project is initiated by inculcating safety and quality in to the installation and maintains a strong monitoring system during the fabrication, construction and commissioning phase. Every project discipline is covered by a comprehensive quality, inspection and testing plan. Detailed quality controls procedures are available to supplement this base document and implemented at all project sites in close coordination with a central QA/QC department that maintains overall responsibility for adherence to a uniform quality standard. In addition to the maintenance of high quality norms, wealth of experience has also enabled us to recognize the unique aspects in the execution process of engineering, procurement and construction work that form the edifice of sustainable quality standards.

This has resulted in the creation of a strong in-house capability for multidisciplinary engineering work. Our engineers regularly interact with procurement & field construction personnel to maintain a continual system of feedback that would enable further value addition at the detail engineering stage. A seamless integration of the engineering, Quality and project management disciplines enables a multi skilled unit to bear composite responsibilities for every aspect of a project. This system of working has helped achiever educed response time to every project requirement with strong controls on every specification or delivery aspect.

From the bottom of the ladder to the very top, the responsibility of having a safe working environment applies to everyone. In fact, our whole safety policy is based on this premise. Safety: It’s an issue that seems so obvious. However, without the proper rules, guidelines and culture to support it, there’s the potential of it being overlooked.

Although we are for ward thinkers, we would never get a head of our selves when it comes to safety.

All safety programme rules and guidelines are compliant with state and local regulations.


“Partners in Safety” program that allows each employee to take responsibility for safety on the job site.

Safety training classes for every new employ

Monthly safety meetings featuring topics such a sladder use, fall safety and electrical safety, among others.

Buildings without a foundation: It’s precisely what would happen if we didn’t incorporate our core value in to every job we do. They solidify our entire team and client relationships. Appears distinctive and as we grow as a unit, we preserve and build our strength in our culture, brand and business strategies that embrace and drive change for a successfully and an enjoyable place to work. Living up to our close values and they guide our business practices, strategy and vision.

Aericon Industries LLP., we promise to:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Exhibit integrity in everything we do.
  • Listen, identify and respond to customer needs.
  • Provide quality, on schedule, at a competitive price.
  • Respect, challenge and recognize each employ
  • Professional and personal client relationship
  • Mutual support and respect
  • Commitment for sustainability
  • Ensure a safe working environment.